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Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
see medicare privatized. that is what he wants. he didn't sign a pledge for nebraska. he signed his pledge. i happen to disagree with that vision and believe that signing that pledge is going to make it difficult for us to take care of our kids and give them the quality of education they need. >> senator fisher, 30 seconds. agree kerrey, i don't with your numbers. you know that. i signed a pledge to people. i have never had them say to me go to lincoln and raise my taxes. i have never had a person say to me go to washington and keep spending. that is not how we do it. i have been on the front lines in education. i have served on a board in a small district where you deal intimately with staff, with students and with parents, and we have been successful here in the state doing this. >> thank you. >> the numbers are available for people to look at. you can examine it. macroeconomics has examined the impact. it will destroy 50,000 jobs. it will make it difficult to do anything. it was her vote against prenatal care for children that i cited. she is not an advocate for early childhood e
Oct 5, 2012 2:00pm EDT
ryan budget. what does the ryan budget do? it ends medicare, makes it a voucher. dramatically cuts assisttons education in our country. as someone who grew up poor, the first of my family to go to college, i want pell grants to be out there and keeping student interest loan low so every child can achieve an education. it is important to do this tpwh a balance way for middle class interest. >> when i'm there we're going to have a budget that i will work on and advocate for and compromise along the way without sacrificing principle with my colleagues. you talk about congressman ryan, it's more of the same. it's the other guy's fault. you've been there a long time. your party has been the majority in the senate for a long time, i think your entire term. i have some very specific plans. we have discipline here in new jersey. it's not always pretty but when we deal with our state budget we do what we need to do. we don't get to print money so we work hard and we have in the last few years to make things right. we now spend 24% of the economy on government. i want to get it down to its h
Oct 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
already saved millions of seniors on medicare hundreds of dollars on their prescription medicine. and millions of americans have actually gotten a rebate from their insurance company if that company -- you got one? [applause] i wanted to say -- i mean, she was a supporter. but i didn't know about -- [laughter] you get a rebate if the insurance company spent too much on demitch costs and c.e.o. -- administrative costs on -- and c.e.o. bonuses. this health care has secured new access to preventative care like mammograms and cancer screening was no co-pay, no deductible, no out-of-pocket costs for more than 20 million women. [applause] and now most health plans are beginning to cover the cost of contraceptive care. which is vital for women's health. doctors prescribe contraception not only for family planning but as a way to reduce the risk of ovarian and other cancers. and it's good for our health care system in general. cause we know the overall cost of care is lower when women have access to contraceptive services. now, before this new law, many health ce plans charged high deduc
Sep 28, 2012 2:00pm EDT
the national defence to the domestic programs and the medicare providers, just to say, i am not responsible. i am just as the speaker. it doesn't solve the problem. the republicans can stop the democrats, the democrats can stop the republicans. adults, responsible people, have to work together. we can't work together unless we are here and working. theseen't we working problems out? why do we have to wait till after the election before we can do the people's work? there are too many americans that are suffering and asking, what is congress going to act like congress to pass legislation that will get side -- signed and resolve the issues that need to be resolved? >> if i can add to that, the republicans claim to be in favor of middle class tax relief. the president has called upon congress to immediately have whacked middle-class tax relief. let's move forward with what we agree on to provide immediate tax relief to 98% of the american people. the 97% of all pass through businesses. republicans say we are not going to move together all the things we agree on unless you also agree
Sep 29, 2012 6:00am EDT
negotiated as head of medicare that makes it illegal for drug companies to bargain with -- medicare to bargain with drug companies for better prices for seniors that one costs us $15 billion per year. i'd get rid of corporate welfare for big corporate farms and big oil. i'd also let the bush tax cuts for the top % expire. i also want to look at the record contrast. i already told you about the policies that tommy thompson supported that added over $3.5 trillion to the debt when president bush was in office. i opposed those irresponsible plans that added to our debt. so now in the future, tommy thompson supports a plan that adds trillions more in tax cuts for the very wealthy and raises taxes on the middle class. that's the wrong scription for tackling our -- prescription for tackling our debt. >> our next question, from robert kennedy, directed first to representative baldwin. good evening, representative. >> good evening. >> i'd like to ask you about tax deductions. what sort of tax deductions might you be looking at for closing up, eliminating altogether, things like tuition or child
Oct 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
just the grover norquist pledge. i know grover well. he is honest. he would like to see medicare privatized. that is what he wants. he has a particular sion fokiar makehevehe qua edn i i have ner had in nebsk mgo to washingto ep spending. that is not howe did . i have been on e fron lin in education, have served on a board, in a small district where you deal intimately with staff and with students and parents. we have been successful in here in that state doing this. u can examine a groupudmpact fiher on nebraska. it will cut jobs. itaser vot againstrenatal caor wom not ce dy s is at s hasinpasto tt s an vote e most important thing we can do to make sure we have success in our schools. >> this is the nebraska u.s. senate debate live from lincoln. together with libraries across nebraska, short videos have been recorded in which citizens talk about the issues important to them and allows them to ask questions. tonight you will hear from citizens and our first question bowser.rom margaret popp >> the other problem i would like to see address is huge campaign finance reform. our elec
Sep 28, 2012 8:00pm EDT
come between a patient and a doctor. we certainly do not need to steal money from medicare to pay for it. >> senator kerrey, 30 seconds. >> nothing was stolen. all it did was extended the insolvency date of medicare back 8 years. do what she wants to do, and insolvency will occur in 2016. i ask you this question -- why it is political rhetoric. obama and romney are using it. they're all using it. why are there any nebraskans over the age of 65 who are uninsured? the answer is federal law. the same arguments you hear will level against medicare in 1965. >> thank you. this is stealing over $700 billion from medicare, taking that reimbursement from hospitals. hospitals than expected to make that up. they expect to make it up because the increase in patients that would be on government insurance. that was the deal made. you can talk about political statements, but the fact is, it takes at $700 billion from medicare. >> thank you, senator. the next is for sen. fischer. >> do you think every american is entitled to healthcare, quality health care to insurance? or do you think it is somethin
Sep 28, 2012 10:30pm EDT
is getting medicare cost under control. that is the most untouchable thing. that is going to cause more trouble than any other problem we have fiscally in the united states. getting medicare costs under control is the number one thing. >> you say we also surcharge smokers and the obies for their medicare coverage. where did that come from? -- be obese for their medicare coverage. >> i am the one who put it into the memo, but i did not have to fight hard for it. something i put in the washington post, i called them mega fatties. i was rebuked for being insensitive, which i guess i probably am. but this is another thing where everybody knows this to be true and somebody has to pay for it. i am not saying you have to bankrupt people who are too heavy, but there should be penalties. i an not really a democrat, but i am a democrat compared to him. you have to be responsible to some extent for your own behavior. somebody is going to pay for it. >> we should point out also we are not the only people making arguments for this. there have been bipartisan commissions, a task force headed by
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)